Monday, May 17, 2010

Ending Denial

And what are we doing to mark Lyme disease awareness month, you may ask? Well we are launching a book! We are now accepting orders for our new book, Ending Denial - The Lyme Disease Epidemic: A Canadian Public Health Disaster (front cover pictured at left; click for larger image).

Canadians are routinely told by their doctors that Lyme does not exist in Canada and that there is no such thing as its chronic form – its most devastating form, also known as “the great imitator”. The few Canadian doctors actively involved in diagnosing and treating Lyme are frequently persecuted by their licensing authorities when treating Chronic Lyme cases according to international standards; the Canadian Blood Services do not even screen for Lyme (as most other countries do, including the US), and Canada’s Medicare system endorses only tests for Lyme known to produce false negatives -- Canada’s doctors are not permitted to use tests that are internationally known to be reliable. This book examines the reasons for this corruption of medicine and erosion of public health standards in Canada.

"If you or someone you love may be suffering from Lyme disease, this book is for you. If you want to know what's wrong with our health care system, this book is for you. If you have wondered why every conversation about our health care system in Canada and the US ends up being about money, this book is for you. Read it and bear witness to the courage of those who challenge the status quo and truly put patients first. Read it to help protect yourself from the vested interests that have kept doctors and patients in the dark about the true nature of Lyme disease. Read it to understand how blindly doing what the doctor says may be the most dangerous thing you could do for your own health."
-- Terence Young, MP Oakville, Ontario
(author of Death by Prescription)

This project, commissioned by Lyme Action Group, is a compilation of writing from scientific, medical, political, patient and legal contributors. All contributors donated their efforts for the purpose of assembling this Canadian perspective. As a result, we are able to direct all of the proceeds from the sale of Ending Denial toward our ongoing advocacy efforts. Your support in purchasing this book will help us give it the widest possible distribution in Canadian medical and political circles. This 500+ page book is an excellent resource for all Canadians. Consider giving a copy to your doctor. Use it to help educate friends and family. Please donate or recommend it for purchase at your local library.

Individual copies of Ending Denial are available for a donation of $30 or more, plus shipping and handling. Orders of 5 or more books will be discounted 50% (regular shipping and handling charges apply). Shipping and handling charges are $10 for the first book, and $3 for each additional book. All dollar amounts are Canadian funds, for delivery within Canada.

Orders can be made conveniently through our PayPal donation link (right-hand margin), which allows quick and secure payment from major credit cards or your own PayPal account (please specify the number of copies of Ending Denial with your payment -- look for the "Send a message with your donation?" link on the confirmation page while completing your PayPal transaction). You may also send personal cheques made out to "Lyme Action Group" to our mailing address, which is P.O. Box 1095, Mount Albert, Ontario, L0G 1M0. For orders outside of Canada or any other questions, please contact us for further information.

Examples of total order costs, including shipping and handling:
1 copy, $40 or more
2 copies, $73 or more
5 copies, $97 or more

Thank you for your support -- together we are making a difference!

The back cover is pictured at right; click for larger image.

This book is dedicated to:
Dr. Joseph Kucan, 1946-2009. Dr. Kucan was the driving force that made the Lyme Action Group of Ontario a reality. His warmth, humanity, insight, determination, and strength inspired all of us who struggle with the burden of Lyme disease and we all benefited from his compassion and inspiration.

Gabe Magnotta, 1949-2009. Gabe Magnotta, an entrepreneur in the wine industry, was strong enough to take on Ontario's liquor control board and win, but he lost his battle against Lyme disease. His family and his equally determined wife Rossana will not let his death have been in vain.

And to the doctors, who continue to have the courage to treat Chronic Lyme patients in defiance of the political and medical odds.


  1. I have yet to read your book but as I have been suffering with Lyme since 1985 and have a daughter who is turning 21 today and has congenital Lyme our chalenge had been almost unbeaable at times. I am amazed how the press has played into this and not printed the truth as it is on the Lyme issue. If they were to take on this issue I am told by a reporter that she would be black balled by the Medical community. On my case in Manitoba an ID specialist commented in 1990 that I was blood sucking the doctors even though the ID spcialist had never seem me medially. The doctor now advises the Manitoba government how to treat Lyme.

    In 1999 we were told by an ID specialist and an employee of Manitoba Health that Manitoba did not want to advertise about preventing Lyme as it would hurt tourisim. The tourisim adviser was at the meeting and said Manitobans needed to be informed of the danger of contracting Lyme. It was basically shut down and we did not meet again. This spring I was told it is time to separate the Science from the Advocates because if the advocates attended the scientific meeting the scientist would not come.
    Where in all of this does the compasion come in???? How will this ever be resolved?? I have studied this disease I know more than the ID spcialist as their minds are as closed. When and how will our docotrs ever learn how to treat Lyme??
    After 20 years of trying to help people who are suffering I am very dicouraged and tired and don't have very much hope of a change to come.

  2. As I reread my comment I just thought how ironic all this is reporters are going into war zones in hopes of telling the true story even at the cost of loosing their live and here we have such a devatating issue for thousand in Canada and we can't get it printed what would it take and what is the press so afraid of. Tell both sides of the story and let CAnadians make up their own minds. This is unpresidented that those who are sick are collecting the data. Where is the science in this???

  3. We hear you, ManitobaLymie.

    This is why it is so important for all of us to keep telling our stories to local papers, elected representatives, phone-in radio, whoever will listen!

    Fortunately, there have been scientific papers published this past year that explain in great detail about the vast number of subspecies of the borrelia spirochete -- many of which are now documented to be present throughout Canada and the United States.

    How many subspecies do you think the Canadian Lyme test is based on?? ONE! This in itself goes a long way to explain why Canada's testing protocol is seriously flawed and misses the vast majority of patients. The denial needs to end.

    Thanks for writing -- together we are making a difference!