Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on CT Lyme bill

Here is an update on the Connecticut Lyme Bill we told you about in February (see The poli-ticks of Lyme), where State Representatives Kim Fawcett and Jason Bartlett introduced a bill to protect Connecticut Lyme physicians.

Fawcett, whose husband battled to get treatment for Lyme disease last year, had this to say: "[A perception] that a lot of doctors out there maybe just think, Lyme Disease, I don't want to get involved in it. So what they do is deflect to their patients, 'I can't really treat you here, you have to find a specialist.' Our legislation doesn't say what they do. It just gives them the freedom to diagnose clinically and treat how they see fit."

This clip is from News Channel 8, as posted on

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  1. Thank God for this legislator. We who have been battling lyme long-term are fed up with the "controversy". I noticed the Lyme OspA vaccine in the video...OspA is 31kDa protein/antibody that is so unique to the lyme bacteria - so disease specific, that it is used to induce immunity to the disease. However, under the current lyme test protocols - if you are positive for lyme at 31kDa band that measures your immune response, you may be missed as this antibody is not included. The test makers said the antibody shows up too late in the disease to be effective for screening purposes. I am not a door, I do not need a screen - I need a diagnosis. Eventually, through a lyme lab, I was tested and ++++ at 31 kDa. Why is it so difficult for us. I travel 3.5 hours round trip to my lyme doctor and I am in the most endemic area for Lyme in PA - Chester Co. We need more people like Kim to help us.