Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The National Post, Global Television and the IDSA

The press, the tube, and a medical society on whose reputation aspersions have been cast. What do these three have in common? Well, they were all headlining on the subject of Lyme disease this week. The National Post began a new series about Lyme disease in today's paper. Global Television featured a Lyme story in their Family Health segment on the 6 o'clock news last night. And today the IDSA made the video archive of last week's hearing in Washington DC available through its website.

Debate Over Lyme Disease Lingers On

Diagnosis, Treatment; Canadian doctors hold to existing guidelines while laws change in the U.S.

Today the National Post launched a new series about the mysterious world of Lyme disease. This first article includes interviews with CanLyme President Jim Wilson and retired BC physician Ernie Murakami.

Also quoted is Dr. Muhammad Morshed of UBC, who "regrets" that the recent Lyme doctor protection legislation in Connecticut gained the political support it did. Yes, Dr. Morshed -- that nail-bitingly close (unanimous!) political support -- how did it ever pass?... unanimously passed through each and every stage of the legislative process... making Connecticut the 3rd State to adopt such legislation, following in the footsteps of California and Rhode Island. And then there is New York State, which has implemented a non-legislative solution to the same problem of Lyme doctor harassment by medical boards. Still other States have been implementing improved education and awareness programs.

The National Post columnist of this series is Lia Grainger. Please take a moment to thank her for covering this important subject and tell her what you think. You can reach her via email. Tomorrow's column will focus on the spread of ticks into Canada.

Last night the 6 o'clock Global News featured a Family Health segment about Lyme disease. The piece included interviews with Robert Manten (Lyme patient), Janet Mitchell (Lyme patient), Dr. Jozef Krop (Lyme physician), and Dr. Nicholas Ogden (Public Health Agency of Canada). The video segment is pasted below. You can reach Global's Health Specialist, Beatrice Politi, by email with your comments.

And finally, the IDSA. As promised and right on schedule, the video archive was made freely available for viewing through the IDSA archive website. There is a lot of material to digest here, including widely divergent opinions on both sides of the issues.

Below is additional comprehensive video coverage of last week's hearing, by ABC 7 News in their On Your Side segment.

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