Sunday, September 27, 2009

Your help is urgently needed!

As you know, last week at the Wall of Hope event in Toronto, a +1,400-signature petition was submitted to the Ontario Legislature on a number of Lyme-related issues. The government is now required to officially respond to that petition. While this matter is on the Minister's desk, we want to send another clear and strong message to the Minister to let her know what we are thinking. Note that as of earlier this month, we now have a new Health Minister, the Honourable Deborah Matthews -- the letters have been updated to reflect this change.

To that end, Lyme Action has prepared 2 letters that we would like you to send to the Minister. The letters are accessible via the links below in Word format (drop an email to us if you need a different format). Feel free to customize the content of your letters, but be sure to add your own complete name, mailing address and signature before you send it off. The letters can be mailed, cut-and-paste into an email, or faxed.

1. Letter to Ontario Minister of Health re: CPSO
This letter highlights the problem of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) persecuting Lyme literate doctors. In so doing, the CPSO is interfering with the doctor-patient relationship and threatening our access to treatment. It is written specifically about Dr.Krop (who has not had one single patient complaint against him!), as his investigation is currently before the CPSO. But as you know, this problem impacted Dr. Murakami in BC last year and your doctor could be next!

2. Letter to Ontario Minister of Health re: Bill 171 & Bill 179
Bill 171 deals with mandatory reporting of doctors (by other doctors). We are particularly concerned that the CPSO will misuse the powers of this Bill to persecute doctors involved in using ILADS protocols for treating Lyme, as well as practitioners of alternative and complimentary medicine. Bill 179 proposes to give the Minister further oversight of the CPSO. Given the CPSO's track record in persecuting Lyme doctors, this oversight is long overdue!

Please contact Lyme Action if you have any problems with the above links and we can email the files directly to you. Once you have opened the files linked above, you can save them to your computer by selecting File, Download file as, Word.

Let's make our voices heard on these important issues. You are encouraged to send these letters this week given the time-sensitive nature of both Dr. Krop's investigation and our petition before the Minister.

Thank you for your ongoing support -- together we are making a difference!


  1. Great letters!!!

    You guys are AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks for everything you do to spearhead this group...

  2. We need to save ourselves from Lyme's Disease and then from the Board of Surgeons getting in the way of our treatment. Do the Board of Surgeons work for special interest groups or the people who want to get well? I am suffering from this illness and need treatment urgently!! My case is tragic I'm now in a wheelchair and deteriorating. I want to help 905 989 1238

  3. Hi Anonymous! The CPSO seems to operate with very little transparency or accountability. Consequently it is difficult to really figure out their motivation. Sorry to hear about your deteriorating condition. Please drop us an email and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.